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Broke Millennial Book Review

Broke Millennial Book Review

Erin was nice enough to be the first person to ever send a book my way for a review. I’m glad she did because it is certainly a different take on financial literature. Erin uses a conversational style and includes lots of personal stories that really make it feel authentic. Heck, there was even a Harry Potter reference. The best thing about this book is that I finally feel like I have a tool that I can recommend to those who quickly get uncomfortable when presented with the dry/analytical type information that I strangely love. This book is much less intimidating and enjoyable for the financial newbies.

I really appreciate how the chapters are laid out in a guide format. This allows you to only read the sections that are applicable to you without feeling like you’ve jumped past something. It even gives you different reading plans based on your level of financial understanding. Regardless of level, she stresses the need to put together your budget before anything else. She gives several different methods of budget tracking to use. I personally prefer a manual entry Excel based spreadsheet coupled with a credit card for easy logging. If that style sounds like you, check out my Basic Budget Tool.

There are some great sections in here for those that are struggling with various types of debt ranging from student loans, credit cards, and any other kind of consumer debt. You can check out the full breakdown of chapter topics at the end of the article. I think my favorite section was actually how to discuss finances with a significant other. This is a topic I rarely see addressed. The section on credit reports and scores is also much more in depth than many personal finance sources. In the end, if you are new to finances, interested in retirement, or struggling with debt and want a resource that is written in simple terms from a millennials mindset, then this is a fantastic book. For those who are already highly functioning finance nerds, you may not find anything revolutionary but I hope you pick-up on her style of conversation and use it when trying to help those just starting out. We could all use Erin’s tone in order to educate without pushing people away. This book is a safe buy regardless, because either you’ll find it useful or you’ll immediately think of someone that it could help. Forget the iTunes gift cards for the college grad in your life and buy this instead.

If you want more information you can find it at brokemillennial.com

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Chapter Breakdown

1. Why learning about money can be fun

2. How to overcome psychological blocks on money

3. Self assessment of your current financial position

4. Creating a budget

5. Choosing the best financial products

6. Credit scores and reports

7. Why not to pay the minimum on credit cards

8. Overcoming consumer debt

9. Student loans

10. Saving even with debt

11. Dealing with financial situations with friends

12. Starting the financial conversation with your significant other

13. Financial battles of living at home

14. Negotiating your salary

15. Investing 

16. Retirement

17. How to have financial management at low costs

18. Homeownership

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